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Low-pressure, high performance pistol foam for filling gaps


  • One-component high performance polyurethane foam with homogeneous very light structure and low expansion, supplied in cans with aerosol
  • Light yellow color
  • Available in the all-season version
  • Adheres well to many building materials, except: Teflon, polyethylene and silicone surfaces
  • Provides very good sound and thermal insulation. Resistant to moisture and mold
  • Increased efficiency by 30% compared to standard can volume foam
  • Class F reaction to fire acc. PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010.
  • The surface on which the application is made must be free of dust, dirt and oil
  • The surface on which the application will be made should be well moistened. Lack of adequate humidity can cause secondary expansion
  • When applying in low temperatures, the can with foam should be preheated in a warm place or water. Place or water temperature should not exceed + 30 ° C
  • Before use, shake the can with foam vigorously at least 20 times
  • The amount of foam discharged should be adjusted with use of the injection gun trigger.
  • After curing, the foam is not UV-resistant and must be covered within 24 hours. Unprotected foam gets brittle. The foam can be painted with water-based paints
  • Dirt from foam can be cleaned with Premium Foam Cleaner, Premium Foam Remover or with Premium Cleaning Wipes. Details are given in the cards of these products
  • Detailed information on storage, transport and safety are available in the safety data sheet (SDS).
Product code EAN code Kind Working temperature Volume Application Expiry date Version Package Outer cartoon
- °C °C ml - months - pcs. pcs.
A3348 4742640008171 CAN WITH FOAM -20 +30 850 INJECTION GUN 18 ALL SEASON 1 12
Properties Unit Value
Tack free time minute 8-10
Cutting time (30 mm strap) minute 25-30
Completely cured in joint (in temperature +23 °C) hour up to 12
Completely cured in joint (in temperature +5°C) hour up to 18
Density kg/m3 17-20
Fire class of cured foam (PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010 ) - F
Volume decrease % non
Post-expansion % up to 30
Flash point of cured foam °C 400
Tensile strength (BS 5241 ) N/cm2 8
Compression strength at 10% deformation (DIN 53421 ) N/cm2 2,5
Thermal conductivity W/m*K 0,034
Sound reduction index dB RST,w = 60
Temperature resistance of cured foam °C long period: -50 do +90 short period: -65 do +130
The following values were obtained at temperature +23°C and 50% relative humidity, unless stated otherwise.

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