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Polyethylene sealants for roofs and walls


  • Installation at temperatures above 5 ° C
  • Surfaces must be cleaned of dirt and dust
  • Tape should be fastened avoiding twisting or shifting on connections
Product code EAN code Designation Thickness Width Length Single box Outer cartoon
BFAFSSBP310305901845948043    PES 3x10 30 mb31030196
BFAFSSBP520205901845948050    PES 5x20 20 mb52020148
BFAFSS309305901845949149    PES 3x9 30 mb3930590
BFAFSS320305901845947237    PES 3x20 30 mb32030144
BFAFSS330305901845947213    PES 3x30 30 mb33030132
BFAFSS350305901845947220    PES 3x50 30 mb35030118
BFAFSS420205901845947909    PES 4x20 20 mb42020148
BFAFSS440205901845949163    PES 4x40 20 mb44020124

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