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EDS-S 4,8xL

Screws for fixing flat roofs to steel substrate


  • Screws made of low carbon steel surface-hardened and Magni Silver ™ coated. Resistant to 15 Kesternich cycles. Resistance tested according to DIN 50018 S2,0L
  • S “Sharp” type drilling point applied
  • Thickness of the steel substrate min. 0,70 mm
  • Steel grade not worse than S280GD
  • Maximum drilling capacity in steel up to 2×0,88 mm
  • The number of fasteners needed to fix the roof insulation should be determined on the basis of the calculations complying with the PN-EN 1991-1-4
  • For installation, use cappers with a maximum speed of 2200 rpm with regulated torque
  • Bits with PH 2 recess
  • Screws for corrosivity class C3
Technical Assessments:
  • ETA-06/0007
Product code EAN code DxL L1 hmin hmax Drill diameter Embedment depth For usage with Single box Outer cartoon
EDS-S-4802587161030001524,8 x  25 25 Are given in the following part - - TLK-45 / TRP-45 / DVP (combinations are given next to washers)1000-
EDS-S-4803087161030001764,8 x  30301000-
EDS-S-4804087161030002134,8 x  40401000-
EDS-S-4805087161030012584,8 x  50451000-
EDS-S-4806087161030012654,8 x  6050500-
EDS-S-4807087161030012724,8 x  7060500-
EDS-S-4808087161030012894,8 x  8070500-
EDS-S-4809087161030013024,8 x  9080500-
EDS-S-4810087161030013194,8 x  10080500-
EDS-S-4811087161030013264,8 x  11080500-
EDS-S-4812087161030013334,8 x  12080500-
EDS-S-4813087161030013404,8 x  13080500-
EDS-S-4814087161030013574,8 x  14080500-
EDS-S-4815087161030013644,8 x  15080500-
EDS-S-4816087161030013714,8 x  16080500-
EDS-S-4817087161030013884,8 x  17080500-
EDS-S-4818087161030013954,8 x  18080500-
EDS-S-4820087161030014014,8 x  20080500-
EDS-S-4822087161030014184,8 x  22080500-
EDS-S-4824087161030014254,8 x  24080500-
EDS-S-4826087161030014324,8 x  26080500-
EDS-S-4828087161030014494,8 x  28080500-
EDS-S-4830087161030014564,8 x  30080500-
European Technical Assessment:
Declaration of Performance:

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